What Does The Bible Say About Eating Chicken And Animal’s Meat?

I was curious for knowing what does the bible say about eating chicken and meat of animal. I noticed the Bible focused on the animals we eat, what are prohibited what are not. Do we really obey the rules of eating meat?

In the past, the people of Jerusalem used to follow the Christian diet of meat, almost all the Christians societies in the world was conscious for taking meat before. But nowadays they are going to far for maintain the instructions.

By the way, The Bibel classified between clean and unclean animals. Unclean animals are fully prohibited to eat. We will discuss on Biblical animals and meat that are allowed and not allowed.

The Birds You Must Avoid From Eating

There are numerous birds in our nature. All are acceptable to eat? Absolutely not. When you choose any bird for eating, must avoid these birds given below-
                1. Eagles
                 2. Vultures
                 3. Buzzards
                 4. Kites and all types of Falcon
                 5. Any Black Birds
                 6. Ostriches
                 7. Nighthawks
                 8. Seagulls
                 9. Any kinds of Hawks
                10. Owl
                11. Cormorants
                12. Great Owls
                13. Water Hens
                14. Pelicans
                15. Carrion Vultures
                16. Storks
                17. All kind of Herons
                18. Hoopes
                19. Crows and
                20. Bats etc

The mentioned birds strongly prohibited in the Bibel as they are unclean creatures. Nevertheless it is true that several tribes eat the maximum birds of them, or even some Christians take these unclean meat without consideration.

They treat the unclean animals as their traditional cuisine. The Bibel recognized chicken for consumption. Chicken is regarded as a pure bird. Besides, it has been eating since ancient time.

Different kinds of religions in the earth consume chicken to eat. A list has given below, you can take because these are clean bird of God. 

                    1. Dove
                    2. Duck
                    3. Goose
                    4. Grouse
                    5. Guinea fowl
                    6. Partridge Peafowl
                    7. Pheasant
                    8. Pigeon
                    9. Prairie chicken
                  10. Ptarmigan
                  11. Quail
                  12. Sagehen
                  13. Sparrow (and other songbirds)
                  14. Swan
                  16. Turkey

Hope you are clear what does the bible say about eating chicken and bird's meat.

What Does The Bibel Say About Eating Animals? 

  # Which animal has hooves divided into two parts, and also they chews and cud, you can eat the animal’s meat. The cow is a perfect example, therefore this clean meat are totally permitted for eating.

cloven animals

  # Moreover, some animals have cloven foot, but they never chews and cud, like as Pigs. Don’t touch their carcasses as it is impure for you. After touching them you’ll remain unclean till evening. Some person ask ‘’is eating pork a sin?’’ According to the Bible, the answer is ''Yes''.

You may become surprised by listening pig’s meat is also harmful for human body that it is proven scientifically. It is matter of sorrow many of us like to eat pig flesh. They can eat cow, goat or other animal meat instead pig.

Though people have query "did Jesus eat pork?" No and never. As he said pork is a unclean animal that's why he had never broken any Bibel food laws. As well, this is contraband eating swine in the Bibel. So think of your health before enjoying any pork dishes.

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  # Thirdly, few animals chews and cud as well, but they aren’t spilt hoof animals. These are also forbidden to eat as like Rabbits and Rog Badgers etc. The given domestic and wild hoofed animals list may help to understand the animals you can eat-
                        1. Cow
                        2. Goat
                        3. Sheep
                        4. Dear
                        5. Ox
                        6. Camel etc

Their meat is pure to take since they are cud chewing animals. You should remember which animal live through eating other creatures flesh must neglect them.

 # Only consider the beasts which live on eating grass or trees. That not means all herbivorous animal permissible for taking.

Giraffe, Zebra, Horses, Elephant, Rabbits, Pandas, Pigs in the Bibel. Especially pigs in the Bibel seems unpleasant for quick and low digestion. It indicates pig contains huge bacteria in body.

  # The animal had died naturally don't eat anymore. Dead animal produce bacteria in their flesh. While need any kind of animal or birds meat, it is well to slaughter them.

This method kill the animal from getting more pain. As a human being we should adopt the best way to kill animal.

Because we are the best creation of God than any other Biblical creatures. You should not kill the animal’s baby who are alive on their mother’s milk.

Rules Of Eating Bibel Seafood

There is no hard and fast rules around eating seafood except a few. Those living things have fins and scales can be a eaten. You must stay far from to eat the things that has no scales and fins.

These creatures likewise reasons of illness. Octopus, Shark, Whale, Dolphin and various animals not permissible to eat. Try to identify what are the clean and unclean foods before preparing from meat.

This knowledge keeps you from making sin. Now let’s come to a important point, huge people through a question is it a sin to eat shrimp? I'll go to the opinion after describing a matter.

Actually, in the olden time the people of Israel looked Shrimp as a abomination before God. For that they restricted it.  In fact, some website published “God hates Shrimp”. Day by day this fake news spread out among the world.

But Know, the Bibel didn’t give any authentic comment on it. Thus you can eat shrimp without confusion. In a word, the fish we are habituated to eat that might be eaten. Different kind of Shrimp and Prawn is not restricted to eat.

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Rules of Eating Insects

Some insects has wings, they fly by using their wings, these creatures are not permitted to eat. But the insects who has jumping legs as like locusts, grasshoppers and some cricket can eat.

Though American people dislike it, but the Chinese people don’t compromise for eating any insects. It’s their traditions. Almost they are abide by Buddha religion.

unclean animals

Insects that walk with crawling profane to eat. Around of us we see such the insects as example-
                          1. Ants
                          2. Bed Bugs
                          3. Beetles
                          4. Centipedes
                          5. Cockroaches
                          7. Fleas
                          8. Silverfish etc

Don’t eat them despite being forbidden foods in the Bibel. Some of them also poisoned insects.

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Last Judgment

Your faith is your strength to reach near to the God. Also, we should maintain the Bibel diet foods list and rules which God provided us.

Truly God gave the permission to eat the animal that are beneficial for health. Those are prohibited for eating, that things are unsafe for body.

We can lead a healthy life and feel serenity if we eat what does the bible say about eating chicken and animal’s meat. Thanks a lot.

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