10 Unforgettable Superior Kitchen Tricks You Should Know – Tips and Tricks

I see my mom always applies some smart kitchen tips to save money which also advantageous to make kitchen activities and household chores easy and fast.Besides, the kitchen tips and tricks save money too. She gained the tricks from my grandmother (her mom), then I similarly learned the kitchen tricks from my mother.

I always love to share some worthwhile things whatever I know and apply in my personal life. Now I’m going to share 15 tips genius or cool kitchen tactics that definitely that will support you to run your kitchen essentials deeds with ease.

1. Use Lemon to get rid of the hard stain on the pan

benefit of lemon

Your chosen pan might get stained while cooking food. I’m guaranteeing you, you will not need to worry about the food sign on the pan. Any kinds of signs of food even milk emblem can be vanished effortlessly by using lemon juice.

To make the remedies, add 2-3 spoon lemon juice with dishwasher or liquid dish soap, wipe with the solution and scrubber. Now rinse the pan or dishes in water.

Note down, you can drown the pan 30 minutes before washing in lemon water. This technique loose dirt and sign that makes the utensils spotless speedily.

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2. Keep baking soda in the fridge

use of baking soda

Habitually a refrigerator produces a bad odor for expending often. It is really annoying when opening the fridge door since the corrupt scent.

By the way, keep 3 tablespoon baking soda in a small bowl or box always at the corner of the freezer. Make sure the box or bowl is exposed.

I am confident you won’t get any wicked aroma from the fridge anywise. So try to follow the methods and get an odorless fridge. As a bonus, I want to share an alternative which I do.

You can put some pieces of charcoal as a replacement of baking soda. It is an additional powerful element from cooking secrets to getting rid of the smell.

3. Apply olive oil to polish wood kitchen cabinet

benefits of olive oil

My grandma was familiar about this secret to save money. When she was alive, I noticed she had applied olive oil to polish wooden cabinets. Her neighbors thought she polished the furniture by a carpenter, actually not just.

If you wish to do the practice, just soak a few drops of olive oil with a clean rag, and wipe around the cabinet. It is compatible big or skinny kitchen cabinet, also wood and any kind of sheet furniture. Listen to another one, you can consume mustard oil instead of olive oil.

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4. Use toothpaste to make sliver utensils sine

toothpaste for white teeth

Do not consider toothpaste as a fighter to protect your teeth. This item has different types of benefits, cleaning silver utensils is one of them. When any silver material loses shine then attempt to smearing the paste.

First of all, you will be required to mix some paste into the liquid dishwasher. Then wipe the utensils after soaking a scrubber and rinse with clean water. Remember, this tactic will return a dazzling situation to the kits.

5. Use potato or spinach to remove over salted curry

potato chips

My face converts into crushed after tasting any over salted food. I hope you similarly face the same issue like as me. I observed when my mother cooked too much-salted food wrongly.

She consumes sliced potato or spinach to get rid of additional salt. Plus, the expert cooker (my mom) uses a crushed boiled potato.

You might apply the recipe tips during the cooking time after giving too much salt to meals. Try to consume potato if your cooked food compatible with it.

But spinach would be nutritious along with vanishing over salt from food. I follow both the cooking methods to knock out too much salt.

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6. Boil vanilla to create fragrance instantly

After hearing the news your guests on the way coming to your home. But there is a bad smell everywhere the house for unclean things. Will you go to wash all the things then? Not at all. It is quite tough. Only implement few funny cooking tips. Here are 1 trick to eliminate the whiff.

While will face the situation, just keep 3-cups water in a pan, add 2 tablespoon vanilla essence into the water. If have orange near hands, throw some orange peel on the water.

It will create an extra aromatic environment. Boil for 15-20 minutes. Now catch instant aroma around the house.

7. Kitchen ingredients for glass cleaner

how to make room spray

Often I compare my mom like a genius kitchen queen whos chef cooking is impressive. Know why? Actually, she has been utilizing this kitchen cleaning way to whitening glass. I captured the kitchen advice (tactic) for saving money from her. Almost I consider the belongings things as time saving kitchen tips.

You may obtain the knowledge of how to make the cleaner with having ingredients. You requisite to make this, 3 cups water, ½ cup white vinegar, 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol and 5 drops lemon juice.

Mix the all the elements in a tiny bowl and keep the solution in a spray bottle. Shake well before consuming, you can preserve the mixture for a long period.

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8. Cut sponges into two parts

best sponge

You might be able to clean dishes and pan properly with a half part of sponge or scrubber, no need to use the whole sponge at a time. It is the cunning way when you divide a scrubber into two pieces.

Because you can use the same item for a double time after cutting into two parts. I prefer to do that, you can follow the kitchen tips for the home to protect money a little bit.

My grandma never forgot to divide sponge previously going to other activities. How cleaver lady she was who used several kitchen tricks!

9. Use clown to kick ants from sugar

benefits of cloves

Many of us throw a query how to keep ant far from sugar. During your want time, if you see ants crawling on the sugar, it is boring to use the sugar.

To solve the problem, just keep a few pieces of the clown on the sugar pot. Certainly, you won’t notice any ants there further time. Since ants dare clown.

10. Use a spoon to sharp knives

best spoon

This last tip is special, I’m saying that because of many people unknown about this secret. To make your idle knives more active, use a spoon's handle, keep the knife sharpener away. Whet the knives with spoon’s handle and get a sharped knifes once more.

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Finishing Point

Probably you may perceive numerous advertisements on television where the product’s company promote their products for sale.

But did you think the product around the marketplace all are not most essential? Yes, you can avoid some of them instead of applying some strategy.

It is not compulsory you ought to purchase each product for doing the trifles works repeatedly. Some simple cooking tips and kitchen tips can be assistant of you. You may do your cooking and kitchen chores by following the kitchen hacks.

I’m hoping you would survey on the described the kitchen tricks and cooking tips from chefs and housewives to work happily. I will be glad to get more tricks from you, so that my readers may know a lot. Thank You!

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