How to Make Cold Brew Coffee Tastefully in simple way?

You won't find the original coffee's secret if you don't make several kinds of coffee. Coffee is the common demandable drinks in the world for its different tastes according to make in the different process.

We prefer to drink it every day in the morning, coffee at night practically at another moment. There are 2 types of coffee hot coffee and cold brew coffee.

Hot and cold press coffee types have something different taste and aroma. But we drink it on choice. Some people don't know how to make cold brew coffee?

If you have no idea how to make cold coffee this article just for you. it is optional to have a cold brew coffee maker for making cold brew coffee. It can make except the brewing coffee machine.

homemade iced coffee

Ice coffee or cold coffee

Privately about 9 years ago I was not introduced to cold coffee. Because my mother always prepared hot coffee, we were habituated with it too. One day some of my best friends took me to a restaurant for celebrating my birthday with a friend circle.

They ordered cold coffee for all of us. Seeing for the first time from far I thought that might be Coca-Cola, they laughed at me but I didn't mind.

When I gave a sip on the glass, it was just amazing. The coffee was more pleasing. I got a new coffee flavor. Still, now I wish to have the cold coffee brew mainly in the hot season.

It says goodbye to my tiredness. However, before going to discuss making cold coffee we will know its health benefits-

What are the benefits of cold coffee?

Fundamentally, in the summer season in our working time and stressed time, we need a cold drink to get relief

Cold coffee can touch your heart when you are tired.This is an instant benefit but there are some exceptional advantages.Let’s know-

cold coffee brew

Benefits of cold coffee

A few acidities remain in cold coffee than hot coffee because ground coffee releases more acidity when it gets a touch of warm water. We know more acidity effect on indigestion extensively.

The other problem of acidity is it makes your teeth stains gradually. Stay calm please, cold coffee has little acid than hot coffee. Although this is less, cold coffee will reduce the problems.

No need to add sugar to cold brewed coffee, because it tastes sweet without sugar.This decreases the hurt harm. It additional smooth with worthy in taste has amusing coffee flavor. Reduce depression and stress quickly. That is better for the hangover.

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Cold brew coffee recipe step by step

Cold brew recipe is very smooth. First of all, you need-Fresh coffee beans, airtight glass jar or coffee pitcher, a sieve, a refrigerator for cooling the coffee.

1st step- Take some fresh coffee beans which should not be discolored if         you want colorful coffee.

how to make iced coffee

Coarsely ground coffee beans

Then grind it with a grinder into the coarse mode. Don't let it be full powdered, it will reduce the original cold coffee aroma and taste.

2nd step- Pour the ground coffee inside a plastic or glass jar.

cold brew

Pouring water in the ground coffee

Now, pour water in the jar till the coffee to water ratio reaches 8:1 amount. Increase and decrease coffee, water as your demand. Try to keep the mentioned amount for cold brew ratio. Well coffee water ratio makes goood coffee.

3rd step- Stir completely the coffee and water with a clean spoon or stick.

cold brewed coffee

Condition after mixing coffee and water properly

 Make sure the spoon or stick must be cleaned, if there has other foods flavor  on the spoon, your coffee can get mixed with the flavor and would be                unaffected, scentless.

4th step- Finishing the above processing tight the jar croak strongly. Keep the jar in refrigerator about 12-15 hours or best overnight. 

5th step- After freezing now take a sieve, it may be cloth types, metal or any other types doesn’t matter. Then take a glass jar, bowl the size depends on the amount.

Keep the sieve on the jar, But remember to put a spin paper or thin cloth on the sieve for straining. This extra paper strains perfectly so that any coarsely don't disturb you at all.

cold brew ratio

Straining the mixed coffee

Anyway, Strain the cold brew mixer slowly with the sieve I told before about the sieve. You have to do it again and again until removing extra-large ground beans. At last making process is completed. It can preserve up to 2 weeks in the fridge.

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 # The process of serving

After knowing how to make cold brew coffee, its time to learn its serving process. An excellent serving makes any foods and drinks extra delicious. When you would complete all the activities, then time to serve. Bring out the jar from the fridge before half an hour of making coffee.

Take a medium-sized glass as much you need. First, put 1 cup ice cubes on the glass. Then fill the glass with the ½ cup brewed coffee and ½ cup water. For making drip coffee you can use extra brewed coffee.

best coffee for cold brew

Milky cold coffee

If you like to perceive a milky flavor that can be added to some sugared milk. Now, happiness with sipping on the cold coffee. 

Some additional tips for gaining great coffee successfully

  • 1
    Confirm the beans are ground coarsely. It is a superior condition to make the perfect coffee (how to buy best coffee bean). Over grinding executes the coffee muddy and sandy. Your beans should appearance something coarsely formed.
  • 2
    Try to use filtered water, if available. This is not main requirement.           Personally, I use filtered water to produce cold water brewery and I           never got any odor. The coffee will be cleaner, sweeter, if apply filtered water to then it might be the best way to make coffee cool except any fault. You can take it as an advice
  • 3
    The important point is not too steep over 15 hours, also forbade to keep it less than 12 hours. Over steeping make the coffee bitter, which may be unable to drink. Less steeping gives you weak, stupid coffee. Keep the steeping label between ideal quantities. 
  • 4
    Try to chill the cool brew coffee with ice cubes. Because cold coffee must be enough cold, it's the main feature of it. The ice cubes keep the coffee cool for a long time.
    You don't need to know "how to make iced coffee at home? Iced coffee recipe and normal cold coffee recipe both of them nearly same. Cold brew making at home not tough. So, don’t forget to through some pieces of ice into the coffee glass.

If you gained how to make cold brew coffee and interested to make it or already made cold coffee by following this coffee recipes. Let us know about your expeience on it . How taste that was?

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