5 Tricky Ways How To Clean Wood Cabinets Of Kitchen? Make A shiny Looks

We cannot think about a kitchen without a kitchen cabinet. It mostly needs for keeping kitchen tidy and for other purposes. But the cabinet becomes greasy frequently, that is annoying for us. So, how to clean wood cabinets of your kitchen?

Obviously, many housewives worry to keep their cabinet’s color and brightness like new. It is not a hard task. Regular cleaning gives cabinet a great looking through giving long-lasting facilities.

What Types of Cleaner Best for Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets?

Using different types of cabinet cleaner is not matter for cleaning plastic, steel or other material furniture. But when you go for consuming cleaner to clean wooden furniture you should be careful about it.

Possibly you may think why I’m saying it, because wood equipment are more flexible than any other furniture. That’s why, you need to take special care of these.

Wood furniture is finest than other furniture. You can use them for the long periods and its looking also great. You just need to pay heed on caring of it.

From our viewing angle, harsh chemical suitable for removing rough stain/sign from the wood surface. But know, it is one of the important reason of fading since applying nonstop.

On the other hand, wood absorb water quickly which makes itself moisture. As a result, the cabinet deform in a short time using. Besides, cabinet polish disappears by getting touch of water.

Now, at market you will find several types of wood cleaner, some are made only for expending some specific purposes. Try to purchase a best wood cleaner which made only for wooden furniture cleaning.

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Personally, I recommend to use ‘’Murphy’s’’ oil soap cleaner. Yes, it has strong power for getting rid of grime and grease especially from wood. You won’t mistake if call it a best kitchen cleaner.

Mrs. Meyers brand is well known liquid cleaner for using in all resolutions. Choose which you need actually to forget the question how to clean wood cabinets. Just kidding!

The Ways of Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

Everyday cleaning is better than cleaning occasionally. Cabinet restoration is not a hard chore frequently.

To keep the cabinet neat and clean, can use only normal cleaner that are available in marketplace. Some nasty general things need for cleaning usually. You will need-

1. Cleaning kitchen cabinets with baking soda: Baking soda is well ingredient for cleaning dishes even can eradicates grease from the cabinet. Baking powder has same features as it.

Mix 1-teaspoon baking soda into 1-cup water. Wipe the cabinet with a small cloth piece after completing cook. It will take about 5 minutes.

2. Cleaning kitchens cabinet with vinegar: Vinegar is an another powerful liquid able for removing oily from anything. Just add 2-tablespoon vinegar, ½ tablespoon salt into 1-cup water.You can use Lemon juice instead vinegar.

Dip a rag and wipe around the cabinet. Both of ways helps to keep brightness of cabinets. If you are unable to follow the process regularly, you can do it a day after.

Remember, don’t use rough liquid or cleaner just for normal cleaning, lest you should face discolor your preferred stuff.

3. Use only dry rag: When there is no grease condition on cabinet outward, use only dry rag. I saw using wet rag continuously damage furniture’s smooth condition.

4. Use oil soap for rough grease and grime: Kitchen is called a complete production house of food. So, it is normal incident your cabinet may be dark stained and greasy.

Therefore, you may have a concern how to clean kitchen cabinets grease. There are numerous cleaner available near your hand to fix it.

Oil soap is a best cleaner for working against robust dust/stain. Spray and rub around the cabinet corner to corner. You will get an effective result once using the oil soap to your old kitchen cabinets.

5. Use detergent: Detergent also a good for cabinet stain remover. Take 1-cup water, add 1-tablespoon detergent on it. Mix and spray later pouring in a spray bottle. The solution can be stored to apply routinely. 

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How to keep my wood kitchen cabinets or furniture looking nice always?

  • Dip a small cloth with 2-tablespoon olive oil or mustard oil. Scrub on the cabinet’s surface. Apply this process twice in a month. Oiling kitchen cabinet brings a shiny looking and hold genuine paint too.
  • Be careful during working with water. So that the cabinet don’t get touch of water. Because wood engage water, it is a cause of furniture curving.
  • Try to polish cabinet minimum one time between 2-years. A carpenter know best way to paint kitchen cabinets, polish faultlessly. So this is a good idea to call them for painting and polishing or burnish. If need painting kitchen cabinets then google carpentry services near me.
  • Don’t keep any full hot pan or things on cabinet. Otherwise the wood would be burnt.
  • You shouldn’t use cabinet upper part as a chopping board. Because, some people do something like that and make cabinet unpleasant.
  • Don’t rub cabinet crudely for removing any hard grime. This habit makes the furniture ugly. There has some best kitchen degreaser in shop, buy for knock out grime forever.
  • Check the cabinet’s drawer and clean around once in a month. Sometimes there may grow roaches in drawer. The roaches dirt drawer, even they contaminate your food which is harmful too.
    Kill roaches when will see them to your kitchen. There is an article how to get rid of roaches, read to get rid of them.


You should not compromise to follow the mentioned advice anywise. Because, your wooden cabinet is valuable furniture that helps you to keep kitchen tidy. You can return your old cabinets into new by following the steps.

We mentioned already about homemade cabinet cleaner and how to use. You can run it for a long period by paying attention to clean accurately.

If you have any ask and want to share some personal tips on how to clean wood cabinets of kitchen, then let us know in comment box. We will be glad to receive your tips. 

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