15 Superb Health Benefits Of Caffeine and Minor Side Effects

Are you drinking caffeine without knowing the health benefits of caffeine? It has some significant benefits along with some worst effects on the body. You will see there are additional benefits of it from few side effects.

As I’m a coffee lover, a question had come to mind is coffee healthy? I studied from different places to clarify this query. As a result, I acquired knowledge on the positive and negative effects of coffee.

Truly, there are lots of benefits of drinking coffee, But remember it has also few bad effect for over drinking. This is true that this brew make us emphatic to run ourselves confidently.

Here I have explained the health benefits and bad effects of coffee. So that you may consider the things before sipping in a coffee cup.

                    Positive Effect Of Coffee

1. Boost Up Physical Activities: Caffeine or coffee is a worthy choice to boost up body for doing anything assuredly. Besides, it restores our physical actions which helps to get rid from depression. After working out a cup of coffee a day can remove 48% muscle pain instantly (Journal Of Pain).


The Harvard School Of Public Health ran a research on several women who drink coffee 3-4 cups a day, they found regular coffee drinking diminish 20% risk of suicide attempt of women that might be for depression.

2. Remove the risk of heart disease: Every year a remarkable number of people fall in heart disease. The Korean heart scholars found the extraordinary effects of coffee on human heart.

heart disease

Yes, 3-4 cups coffee in a day increase the heart’s positive activity. As a result, the drinker do not suffer from acute heart problem.

3. Reduce the cancer of liver and Men Gout: A research on the numerous male and female proved that those people take 1 to 3 cups of coffee everyday, they may reduce 29% liver cancer risk (USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center).

liver cancer

The another coffee study on 50000 men establish that the man who consumes 1 or 2 cups coffee a day, they are far from any gout significantly. There are also benefits of caffeine for athletes to relax their muscle.

4. Provide antioxidant to Body: Antioxidant is a such kind of vitamin element heal the body cell by fighting against radicals in our figure. The portion cuts poisons from body and improve the immune system.

coffee for skin

Moreover, antioxidant helps to convert the grey hair into black. Regular consumption influences on the body. In addition, the other caffeine benefits for skin, it smooth your skin than before. 

5. Prevent retinal damage and cavities: Retinal damage may affect your eye, almost this issue take your eyes to serious problems like as double vision, distorted vision, dim vision, floating waves etc.

retinal damage

This is true coffee has such superiority to protect eyes from these difficulties. Furthermore, the deep black strongest coffee is favorable to struggle against cavities. Cavities also leads the teeth to tooth decay. Remember adding sugar and milk is less effective for this concern.

6. Coffee For Brain: It is a well-known coffee marks on mood directly. While coffee goes to body, it also boost up brain by providing enthusiasm to brain. At least 1 cup of coffee per day will be supportive for minor risk of dementia along with Alzheimer disease.


But point may be noted, over sipping may the reasons of sleeking. Try to take minimum 1 cup of coffee a day cold or hot run your whole day intelligently. I drink coffee to enrich my brain to be fit mentally.

7. Provide Balanced Hormone For Woman: Lacking of balanced hormones various women suffer from several kind of harms. A study took in 2012 established 200 mg around 2-cups or more coffee exalted estrogen points in Asian and Black women body, whether low estrogen for white women.


You possibly will think how the estrogen-linked up with body. Actually estrogen levels might be the aims of Endometriosis, Breast Cancer and ovarian cancer. Caffeine is an assistant to equilibrium the estrogen levels. So women might consider coffee for regular consuming after knowing the health benefits of caffeine.

8. Healthy Digestion: Obviously drinking caffeine decreases unpleasant digestion system. Who concerned for their irregular digestion, they can intake coffee to get better absorption of food. Think of more than 1-cup is another reason of constipation.

good digestion

Daily coffee taking generate laxative result in stomach which impel the bowels for working good. Besides, over consuming coffee is extra reason of Diarrhea.

9. Coffee Drinkers Contains Strong DNA: The European Journal trained a study on coffee drinkers to see what happens to their body during taking coffee habitually. They could see the white blood cells of them distant from breaking suddenly.

dna function

In fact, this action on body made their DNA enough strongest than who don’t take coffee.Well growing DNA is a important symptom of wellness.

10. Decrease Headache and Cold: When you get cold and ache from bad headache, you can consume a cup of coffee. It is indeed helpful for confiscating headache even removes cold if take only black coffee.

bad headache

Sometimes to understand anything fast, you can select coffee. Even while you will exhaustion then have coffee to get relief.

The Other health benefits of caffeine

  • Caffeinated coffee diminishes 50% throat and mouth cancer. 
  • Coffee reduces the risk of stroke 22%
  • It cuts different types of cancer.
  • Coffee excludes the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • The uses of coffee for increasing low blood pressure to high is incredible. (A opinion of Paris researcher).
  • Greek boiled coffee helps to longevity with emerging heart health.
  • Who already got heart attack, having 2 cups of coffee a day reduce the risk of further attack.

  The Bad Effects Of Caffeine for drinking too much

1. Coffee Can Produce High Cholesterol: Cholesterol would be reach at danger point for drinking coffee more. So you often should take by gapping day after if you agonize from high cholesterol.

High Cholesterol

Because there are Kahweol and Cafestol in coffee beans, both of them conducive to produce cholesterol in human physique.

Basically, these two ingredients available in Turkish coffee, French press, espresso and Scandinavian cooked coffee. Since you are patient of High Cholesterol, it is better to drink rarely.

2. Caffeine Interrupts On Mineral and vitamins Absorbation: If anyone continue to swill coffee they may have absence of mineral and various vitamins just for weak absorption. The heavy coffee drinker cannot intake sufficient iron, minerals, zinc, calcium, magnesium and other indispensable elements.

health benefits of vegetable

You must know your kidney could be affected by taking coffee more than demand of body. Because sometimes kidney cannot sieve the substances of coffee bean and different vital vitamins. Try to take until good for health than drinking more.

3. Coffee Impact On Digestion: Good coffee relieves from bad digestion. But when takes too much caffeine then it stimulates stomach worst. You should not drink at empty stomach to evade loose stool. This habit similarly will throw you in diarrhea and other stomach problems.

how to get rid of stomach pain

A studies found more taking caffeinated beverages may take you to Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GRED). Many public claims they suffer from acidity when take coffee. But cold brew coffee without sugar and milk innocent from the claim.

4. Coffee Is A Reason Of High Blood Pressure: Yes, I already told drinking too much coffee has adjacent effects for working in nervous system. Taking more increase the blood pressure levels. That's why the person who has high blood pressure should stay remote from it. However they can intake occasionally.


You know raised blood pressure is a cause of sudden heart attack. Because it damage arteries gradually. But if you eat enough vegetable-greens then you can control the pressure.

5. Coffee Pays To Heartburn: I’m unknown whether you feel intense pain in your chest after input coffee. Does the pain start from the stomach to gullet? If you feel same, be sure the drank coffee might be responsible to produce the acidity. Some people consider this is one of the important source of heart illness from all the caffeine health risks.

how to remobe heartburn

You should only drink 2-3 cups in a week during suffering from acidity and heartburn, or can drink except sugar and milk, because they are another causes of acidity.

Some Common Side Effects for Overdrinking

Do you know the other reasons why is coffee bad for you? If your answer goes to “No”, let’s see symptoms what is coffee bad for-

  • Nervousness
  • Excitement
  • Restlessness
  • Diarrhea
  • Flushed Face
  • Increased Urination
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle Twitching
  • Stain on teeth for dark coffee

The disadvantages of caffeine is fewer than rewards. So the above issues are not chief danger of coffee. While will face the difficulties don’t be worried. Just take medicine for curing.

Should You Continue or stop Drinking Caffeine? Is coffee bad for you or Good?

After reading the article you may ask the same question, isn’t it? This query also knocked me as like you. I divided the inquiry’s answer into 3 parts, they are-

  1. Why I will drink coffee?
  2. How could I be benefited by drinking it?
  3. Is it suitable for me?

You may consider the queries as myself. The first answer is coffees is not only a beverage for us but also is a healthier drink. The second point, I realized regular having coffee in quantities more advantageous for body and mind.

The third query filled up by my body’s demand. Yes, you need coffee on depending your figure, try to escape from too much taking. You can also consume this drink according to demand of your health, that means not more and not less.

The Bottom Line

So what are you thinking is coffee good for you? The answer is a absolutely “Yes”. You are genius if you could find the health benefits of caffeine by knowing how to drink coffee in healthiest ways. For myself, I discovered its real returns, hope you will acquire the same.

Any way you can share your judgment with me about more coffee facts. I will love to achieve your valuable sounds to share with my beloved readers.

Thank you….!

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