How To Make Easy Chuck Roast Recipe Crock Pot- Yummy Beef Roast

I cannot wait even for few seconds when there is chuck roast in front of me just for eating. Yes, I’ve made an fascinating friendship with this easy chuck roast recipe crock pot.

I’m not only fond of this slow cooker roast beef, because finding out a food lover who doesn’t like roast is really difficult. Huge person like this food item.

It is a most widespread food item basically to American people. Now I will explain about the best chuck roast recipe from my slow cooker ideas. No more talk let’s see how to make.

The Pot Roast Ingredients 

  • 3-pound piece of beef
  • Salt as much as needed
  • Peeper 1-tablespoon
  • 4 medium-sized potato cut into quarter
  • 4 peeled carrots cut into 3-inch length
  • 1 sliced onion
  • 2 dried bay leaves
  • ¼ tablespoon dried thyme powder (optional)
  • 1 can or 2-cups tomato sauce

Making Process Of The Simple Pot Roast

  • 1
    First of all, message the mentioned beef with 2-pinches salt and pepper roundly.
    Be sure about taking a boneless slow cooker meat, because it is a boneless beef chuck roast recipe. Marinate the meat about 15-20 minutes.
  • 2
    Take a crock pot and add the mentioned potato, carrots, onion. Make sure the onion should have over the potato and carrot.
  • 3
    Now add bay leave, thyme powder and salt as need. But I practice 1-tablespoon ginger paste, cumin powder also in this step. Because I saw these ingredients make the pot roast meat more delicious.
    You can add ginger and cumin if you want to get an aromatic and tasteful roast. 
  • 4
    Now keep the beef piece over the ingredients.
  • 5
    Add tomato sauce on beef or can add 1-cup yogurt, it’s your choice.
  • 6
    Cover with a airtight lid. I use yogurt also with tomato soup.
  • 7
    Cook in high power about 6 hours.
  • 8
    After 6 hours, transfer meat to a cleaned cutting board. Let it to be cool for slicing.
  • 9
    Remove the whole vegetables to a plate and slice the beef with a knife, also transfer to the vegetable plate. Attempt slicing meat since it is best cut for pot roast.
  • 10
    Pour the broth into a mug from the crock pot. Add 2 pinches salt and 1 pinch pepper. Pepper is optional. You can add pepper again if like peppery diet.

Easy chuck roast recipe crock pot- VIDEO

At last, this is your chuck roast slow cooker food. It is really delicious slow cooker curry that can be eaten for providing protein to body as well as eliminate hunger.

I similarly follow these procedures and acquired the best roast recipe as expectation.


  • Try to use beef instead pork. Because any kind of pork meat and slow cooked pork is harmful for human body. You will find that there are some rules about eating meat, so we should not eat all animals meat.
  • I use beef or sometimes use mutton. Although mutton is small sized but can take 2 pieces at a time, I think beef,mutton both are better than pork.
    Here is an article you can also check out what the rules about eating meat.
  • Don’t cook without marinate the beef. This process helps to absorb spice and salt. That’s why roast become more tasty.
  • Cook with full power, otherwise the internal part of meat may remain incomplete to be cooked.
  • You have to wait for 6 hours to gain precise crock pot food, lest you should not get a perfect healthy pot roast.
  • Don’t make the pot roast soup more watery by adding extra water. If need mix water to create soup a little bit, add also water a little bit.
    Or else it will knock out original taste. A pasty formed soup best for greatest pot roast.

Why you need to know cooking chuck roast?

You may be fed up for preparing beef roast because of requiring more hardship. But know this crock pot recipe is appropriate for those people who wish to get a highly nutritious, delicious food with low effort.

My family members don’t miss to eat the roast minimum once in a week. I also fill their desire by making pot roast since being lovely and nutritious food.

It’s not hard to make it. This easy chuck roast recipe crock pot can take shelter to your dinner. I can assure if you follow the steps appropriately, You’ll get a perfect healthy slow cooker pot roast. Let us know about your prepared roast.

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