Best Way to Take Ginger By 10 Easiest ways

You can call ginger as natural medicine. Yes, it has some worthy qualities near to garlic that protect your body from being ill. First you have to know best way to take ginger to catch its valuable benefits.

Although ginger root is benefited for our health, but some people cannot use or take it properly. They also neglect it for having lack of knowing what is ginger good for us?

The nutritionists recommend for taking some ginger with food or drinks every day. It works like antibiotic that is more powerful for preventing virus and bacteria of body.
It is using from the olden time for curing disease. Now I’m going to describe on how to use ginger in right ways.

1. Use Ginger in Curry

We all use different types of spices in our cooking. You can use ginger to several curry basically for spicy food even it is a common and also a best way to take ginger. Moreover, to make your food more tasteful you might follow it. It will give a nice aroma too during eating the ginger cook food.

You no need to cut ginger regularly to use in curry. Just paste some with blender and preserve in the fridge. Besides, freezing ginger is a popular method of  storing ginger root.

Someone get confused which food are perfect for using ginger? You can use it in any kind of curry as like beef curry, chicken curry, for making fried chicken, vegetable roll, grill etc. 

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3. Take Ginger Powder as Jam

Many people use ginger powder into their cuisine. You will required to dry ginger to make powder. Apply this process you are not known how to store ginger. How can you use ginger powder? 

peeling ginger

In your breakfast, you can take ginger jam which make with ginger powder. The ingredients you will require to prepare the jam-
       . Take 1 cup of honey
       . 5 tablespoon ginger powder

Mix the ingredients perfectly. Now, the Jam is ready for eating with bread at your breakfast. You can take the jam instead fruit Jam and Jelly. 

4. Take Ginger with Tea

Who doesn't like to take tea? We know tea discharge us from stress with giving relax. When you use grating ginger into tea then it will work as remedies. The benefits of ginger tea just superb!

how-to-store- fresh-ginger

If you don’t know how to grate ginger you can use a small piece of ginger into the tea. Remember for giving grated ginger into boiling water before adding tealeaf.
If you take ginger tea regularly, your bad headache, cold, sneezing, muscle pain, stress can be removed easily. 

So, try to take this tea every day, I hope you’ll get a positive result soon. Ginger ale is the other way of taking ginger.

5. Make a Wonderful Ginger Root Recipes

It is a nice recipe that delicious as well as healthy. Because, you need to use ginger to make it. It is a South Asian food has been eating for 200 years. The name of the recipe is “ Molida” Now, I’m going to explain about the recipe-
How to make?

The making process so easy. Just need some ingredients-
         1. 8 cups puffed rice
         2. 5 tablespoon peeled ginger paste
         3. 3 cups rice powder
         4. 1-litre milk
         5. 2 cups normal water

You can change the amount on your demand. Soak the rice with water about 2 hours to make rice powder . After doing this, powder the soaked rice with blender or food processor. Fry the powder for 5 minutes in a pan.

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Finally, take a large bowl. Mix the elements all together in that bowl accurately without puffed rice. At last add the puffed rice into the mixture.

Your “Molida’’ is ready for serving. You can serve the food instantly or can keep in the fridge for 1 hour. I’m saying for keeping in fridge because of cold Molida is more tasteful than normal temperature.

Use mug or glass for serving. You can use straw or can take the drinks by sipping. 

6. Spiced Fried Ginger

Ginger is a spice, though few person ask “ is ginger a vegetable?’’ it may also more spicy mixtures. Just chop some fresh ginger except ginger skin.

Smear with some turmeric powder, salt and dry in the sun or in a dryer machine. Now, you preserve it in a small jar up to 1 year. This is a gonger storing method.

Take it when you are watching tv, walking time or after having meal. This is useful item try to take regularly. Even during your driving time take some of it for enjoying the driving.

7. carrot Ginger Soup

I really mention those people about this soup who likes taking soup. Younger and older everyone likes this soup lovingly for it exceptional taste.
Carrot ginger soup not only removes your hunger but also works in your body as bacteria guard.

ginger cook

You should try for preparing ginger carrot soup twice in week. Because carrot and ginger works strongly for your fitness. The soup may fill your hunger, I like to have this with fried chicken

8. Take Ginger Vapor by Breathing

This method is quite effective for removing longtime coughing and cold. The asthma patient can also follow this way for getting release asthma. Though it is a incurable disease but can control by following this process.

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How to Use Ginger Root in Water?
To make this remedies boil ½ liter water in a pan on stove. Give some minced ginger into the hot water. Don’t put off stove’s fire but keep the fire volume level low.
Now take the vapor with breathing that is coming from the boiling pan. Try it twice in a day. I hope will get a better result after a few days.

9. Take Hot Bath with Ginger and Water

Many of us suffer from different type of skin disease. If we use some reliable things on skin we can protect our body from skin disease.

When you go for bathing add two tablespoon ginger powder to bathing water and bath with the water. Definitely this is healthier for skin. Actually ginger benefits for skin is unbelievable.

10. Honey and Ginger Mixture

There is no doubt that honey has great beneficial advantages. Yes, if we take honey and ginger together it would be a fantastic tonic. Making process-

  • Take 500 grams honey in a glass jar.
  • Add 1 cup minced ginger into the honey.

Now ready your tonic. You can preserve it for the long time without refrigerator. Every morning eat 1 or 2 pieces ginger from the jar with a little honey.

I want to add one more thing that is you can add garlic into the honey along with ginger. This is a powerful remedies for body and sexuality. It also a garlic storing method. If you don't know how to store garlic last longer, so can read my other article of this page. 

what does minced mean

Surely you will get a remarkable positive symptom in your physique and health. This mixtures better for skin, hair, stomach etc. Quantitively taking helpful for digestion.

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Is Ginger Good For you?- Ginger Benefits and Side Effects.
I hope you already knew what does ginger do. Many people ask this question on its’s harm side. It may not be good continually for someone, also may not be good for always.

It has some disadvantages for over consuming. Eating too much can be reasons of-
       . Stomachache
       . Diarrhea

Remember overeating anything is not good for health. So, try for maintaining a balanced diet. Take ginger a little bit in a day not more.

At last, we all should remember best way to take ginger and need to take quantitatively. So that, we can get ginger health benefits to lead a healthy and happy life. Because we know “Health is Wealth’’.

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